Char 45006
Name Antonia
Gender Female
Race Human
Job leader of the Underside of Kitten Paw Cult
Portrayed By Iori Nomizu (Japanese)
Luci Christian (English)

Antonia is a wealthy young girl and the leader of the Underside of Kitten Paw Cult.


Age: 12;  Height: 145cm (4'9");  Weight: 30kg (66lb)

Size: B50cm - W45cm - H50cm (20"-18"-20")

Comment: Granddaughter of a homegrown conglomerate founder.  The Guru of "Underside of Kitten Paw", also commonly called "Cat Ear Church".  She is a wealthy Greek American and a genius at anything she does.  That is why she created "Cat Ear Church"; to avoid boredom and desperation.  

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